Finally a page

Well here we are. After more than a few months playing around with other hosting options and what not I've decided to go for something thats easy to set up. I chose Squarespace to host my portfolio because during the trial period, it was super easy to set up. So it looks like I'm going to be consolidating my work here; well at least for now...

In looking at all my different connected accounts, I find that I've been posting stuff all over the web without actually thinking in advance of the format; image sizes, or style in which I shoot. So this is a fortunate side-effect of going for a single portfolio. 

Now I have my work cut out - at least during project downtime, I will be able to strategise on the look and feel of my images.  Hope this page works out, though there are a number of free options about; you get what you pay for. So this is a pretty good compromise of ease of use and price.

Till the next time! (and I'll also make it a habit to blog more too :) )