Organizing your studio

I didn't think that having a studio would present such a challenge stowing your equipment. The number of accessories; all the bits and bobs can be quite confusing and a lazy person such as me; non-OCD as well, it can be a daunting task finding things you need. But watching this video by Tony Roslund; he gave his tips on how he organises his studio, made me smack my forehead and go "why didn't I think of that?"

I've said that common sense is an oxymoron and this video proves it. Some of the tips he gave I've started practicing and some are just pure genius. Like the one using the peg board and how to hang backgrounds.

Definitely a project for this weekend.

Hope this video helps you.

This is awesome

I for one love watching BTS videos -  BTS or behind the scenes often gives us a chance to see the magic that goes into making some top quality content and it so happens that Cokau Lab posted one recently for the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak TV spot. My jaw dropped! I'd suggest watching the TV Spot first, then the BTS and then the TV Spot to get that Aha! moment :)

Here are both the videos

Finally a page

Well here we are. After more than a few months playing around with other hosting options and what not I've decided to go for something thats easy to set up. I chose Squarespace to host my portfolio because during the trial period, it was super easy to set up. So it looks like I'm going to be consolidating my work here; well at least for now...

In looking at all my different connected accounts, I find that I've been posting stuff all over the web without actually thinking in advance of the format; image sizes, or style in which I shoot. So this is a fortunate side-effect of going for a single portfolio. 

Now I have my work cut out - at least during project downtime, I will be able to strategise on the look and feel of my images.  Hope this page works out, though there are a number of free options about; you get what you pay for. So this is a pretty good compromise of ease of use and price.

Till the next time! (and I'll also make it a habit to blog more too :) )